Subversive, Harmless, and Wise

For the Christian, confronting abuse is spiritual battle. The bottom line is that you are bringing the light of the gospel to bear on a very dark situation. You are speaking the truth into a world that depends on deception. You are genuinely confronting a dangerous situation, and you need to be prepared. Jesus was... Continue Reading →

Repentance Embraces Justice

The next characteristic of repentance is an interesting word that can be translated in a variety of ways such as: revenge, vengeance, acquittal, or vindication. The range of possibilities is context dependent, but most importantly, the central idea is centered on doing justice. For those who have been falsely accused, doing justice is vindication, and... Continue Reading →

A Letter on Showing Repentance

There are seven areas that an abuser needs to address to demonstrate repentance (at a minimum)... 1.) They need to be able to respect others’ independence and individual autonomy; 2.) They need to accept full and unqualified responsibility for their own actions and feelings, while having an empathetic acceptance of the emotional and relational consequences... Continue Reading →

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